ACME: for the love of manufacturing

Here's a pictorial archive of all the devices and machinery a certain coyote used in pursuit of a certain road runner.


Bird Droppings in Orlando

This is what happens when you don't consult environmental engineers.


Sinistral: the Way to Go

I'm not left handed, but my husband is and so are many other people in the world. This link is for them!

Apparently, snails with left handed shells are safe from being eaten by many predators. The secret? The crab Calappa flammea, the most common snail predator has a small tooth on their right claws that allow them to open up snail shells like a can opener. But, because the tooth is on the right claw, it can't open left handed shells.


Six Legged Animal

Six Legged Goat!

This is so cool!

Kisssssing into Hisssstory

Shahimi Abdul Hamid went into the Guiness Book of world Records last saturday for kissing a poisonous snake 51 times in three minutes.

A former Malaysian snake farm worker, he had this to say about snake kissing: "Malaysians should know that if one has sufficient knowledge of reptiles, there would be no problem in dealing with them."


How Evil is Your Website?

The Gematriculator can tell you how good or evil your website, or any website for that matter, is.

For instance, this site is:
48% Evil
52% Good

I guess I have to work on that. Good luck trying to figure out which way I mean to go. Honestly, I haven't decided whether to use my powers for good or evil. ;)

Also, you can get a tag for your site telling the world how good (or evil) you are and why.

Watermelon Carving

Here's a fascinating art form from Asia: Watermelon Carving!

Watermelon Carving Techniques and Patterns
Beautiful Carvings
Wedding Carving
A Gorgeous Gallery!
A Carved Watermelon Slide Show


Tobias Schalken

I love strange art. Tobias Schalken isn't confrontational with his art, he's subliminal. My favorite of his pieces is "His Unexpected Return."

Each piece hits you in the gut and buries itself in your mind. You end up thinking about what you saw for weeks, making you go back to the site often to experience the strange feelings again.

Though this art is not violent or otherwise inappropriate, it is not for the faint of heart. Be sure to read the information that comes with each piece. The explanations just make the work creepier.


Clowns are Strong

Are you afraid of clowns? I've found your worst nightmare!

Buffo the Clown is the world's strongest clown. He can juggle bowling balls, eat fire, rip phone books in half, balance a child in a chair on his face, and do sign language for the hearing impared. Not your average clown.

From his bio:
This ex-professional baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox), ex-marathon runner and former school teacher for deaf and blind students turned power lifter, body builder and clown, adds a whole new dimension to clowning. His performances vary from county fairs and festivals to corporate events and company picnics. He also offers educational and entertaining school programs all of which can be done in sign language. For more than twenty years this multi-talented entertainer has performed thousands of times to thrilled audiences in this country and abroad, including appearances at the White House and Ringling Brothers Circus.

Switch Off

Here's a website for the computer-phile who has problems dealing with life beyond the computer screen. Switch Off. The site tells you how to switch off your computer and join the rest of the world.

Why should you switch off you computer?

Top five reasons to switch off

- Your complexion will improve.
- Your wife is leaving you.
- You are developing sores from constant sitting.
- Your house is on fire.
- Your neighbours think you are dead.

Monster Mangos

The woman who holds the world record for the largest mango ever grown has beaten her own record. Colleeen porter of Hawaii has grown a monster five pound mango!


Chuck Norris is god.

The original theme song to the Transformers was actually "Chuck Norris–more than meets the eye, Chuck Norris–robot in disguise," and starred Chuck Norris as a Texas Ranger who defended the earth from drug-dealing Decepticons and could turn into a pick-up. This was far too much awesome for a single, however, so it was divided. - Random Facts about Chuck Norris

Created the greatest video game of all time, Chuck Norris Superkicks from the ColecoVision. In this adventure, Chuck Norris must kill ninjas to save his master. The game failed in realism as it would not take Chuck Norris 3 hours to kill thousands of ninjas. This could be done in the course of 20 minutes in real life with an 8 minute nap mixed in. - T-Money @ PocketKangaroos

Chuck Norris doesn’t search Google. He just stares at the screen until Google pops the website he needs. - Eran @ Milk the Meme!

And Last But Not Least:

The Norris Facts!

Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

Bettie Page: Still Going Strong!

At 82, Bettie Page wonders at how she is more famous now than she was in the 1950's. From 1949 to 1957, Page posed in thousands of seductive photos which are still considered racy today. According to her agents at CMG Worldwide, Page's Web site, BettiePage.com, has received 588 million hits in the last five years. (link)

It just goes to show, old doesn't necessarily mean 'not cool.'

Here's to Bettie!


Body Snatchers

In a story from ABC, Biomedical Tissue Services from New Jersey may have been using flesh from cadavers for transplants across the country. Eww!!!

In the early morning of Nov. 21, 2005, New York City police officers exhumed a body from the Maple Grove Cemetery in Queens. What they found in the casket was horrifying — the bones in the lower half of the body were gone — replaced with plastic PVC pipe.

Great. Just how I want to start my day: with PVC bones. But! It gets better:

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Josh Hanshaft took the body to the medical examiner's office to confirm the results. "The first thing they did was take an X-ray of the whole body and you know, I'm … not being facetious, it looked like the underneath of a person's sink," Hanshaft said. "You had the elbow pipes, you had the leg pipes, you had screws that screwed the feet into the piping."

You know what? Just read the whole article. It's a great example of how weird our world is.

About Me

Name: Nicolle

Occupation: Library Specialist
Industry: Education

Gender: Female

Location: The Wilds of Pennsylvania

Degree: BA in English; Pennsylvania State University

Place of Work: Access Services, University Libraries, PSU

Libraries, from the big ones to the little ones, are wrapped up in too many politics. Everything, from the color of the paint to the books acquired, is over run by a political machine that makes mud slinging in a presidential race look like getting ice cream on a nice day. It's a nice, big slice of ridiculousness. This is caused by the library superstructure which is academically based and not customer service based.

However, the world as we know it is ending and libraries are changing.

This blog chronicles the changes libraries are seeing in service and focus while the "old guard" attempts to hold on to the past. If you're looking for something new for your library, service ideas, or just looking for somewhere to commiserate, welcome.

Like I tell the patrons: "I'm here to serve."

P.S. - I have this thing for the weird and you'll see lots of posts on that....

Because I can't help myself.


Drugged Out Spiders

So what kind of webs do spiders that have eaten drugged flies make?

Apparently, really lopsided ones.

The spider on caffeine though, really needs to switch to de-caff. His web is a mess.

The Vending Machines of Japan

Japan seems to have a vending machine for everything.

Besides food and drinks, we have eggs, rice, mobile phone recharging, toilet paper, flight insurance, liquor, disposable cameras, batteries, and used girls underwear...



They've got a lot of vending machines. Just hit the link.

Something New to Waste Money On...

Love sick for your far away sweetie? Then pick up a glass!

That's right! It's a set of wine glasses, wirelessly linked, so you always know when your loved one is touching it or drinking from it. What makes this whole thing weird is that MIT worked on it. Though I think the idea is cute, I'd rather talk to my husband over the phone.


Weird Traveling

For those of us who love the weirder travels of life, I present to you:

Ghost in My Suitcase!

Ghost in My Suitcase is a travel guide to American haunted sites. They even have a book!

Take some time to see the weird in your state.

Inside the 8 Ball

The 8 Ball.

The inscrutable fortune teller.

Let's pop it open and have a look!

Dan Egner and Heath Hunnicutt show us what's really inside that weird little oracle.