About Me

Name: Nicolle

Occupation: Library Specialist
Industry: Education

Gender: Female

Location: The Wilds of Pennsylvania

Degree: BA in English; Pennsylvania State University

Place of Work: Access Services, University Libraries, PSU

Libraries, from the big ones to the little ones, are wrapped up in too many politics. Everything, from the color of the paint to the books acquired, is over run by a political machine that makes mud slinging in a presidential race look like getting ice cream on a nice day. It's a nice, big slice of ridiculousness. This is caused by the library superstructure which is academically based and not customer service based.

However, the world as we know it is ending and libraries are changing.

This blog chronicles the changes libraries are seeing in service and focus while the "old guard" attempts to hold on to the past. If you're looking for something new for your library, service ideas, or just looking for somewhere to commiserate, welcome.

Like I tell the patrons: "I'm here to serve."

P.S. - I have this thing for the weird and you'll see lots of posts on that....

Because I can't help myself.

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