Plagiarizing Yourself

This site is in Cyrilic, so I can't tell you what it says. It does have several film cells showing the world how Disney will copy scenes from older movies. Thoug Disney animators recycle previous scenes isn't weird, the fact that I didn't notice it until now is.


Sixes Last

Weird. Bizzare. Fascinating.

Absolutely Beautiful.

Sixes Last was made by 1st Ave Machine is a New York City based CG VFX/Animation boutique and production company. They've done splashes for Nickelodeon's 'Nicktoons' and Adidas. You will need quicktime to view their short films.


Blue Whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma

Being a former Okie from Miskokie, I know of a lot of weird stuff from the Sooner State. The Blue Whale was under my radar though, probably because I was too young at the time to remember it.

In the early 70's, Hugh Davis built the Blue Whale for his whale loving wife Zelta for her birthday. The now slimy pond was originally spring fed. Originally intended for family, Davis saw money where anyone else would have seen trespassers. He trucked in sand to create a beach, installed picnic tables, opened a snack stand, and hired life guards. It closed it in 1988. The property was donated to the city of Catoosa in the 1990's.

This great American site is part of Oklahoma's part of Route 66.

Here's some links including pictures of the life of the Blue Whale, including it's restoration!:
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Glass, Steel, and Stone


In Pursuit of Privacy

When you want privacy, you build a fence. When you can't build a fence, you build an annoying eye sore display that will attract the wrong kind of tourist and make the township regret not letting you build the fence.

Kudos to the couple willing to do it!


Move over Hansel and Gretel!

Here we go! Chocolate rooms!

That's right! Life sized rooms made of chocolate for your eating pleasure, including chocolate chandeliers!