Three Armed Baby

A baby boy with born with three arms is being examined to determine whether or not to remove the third arm. The boy's name, by the way, is Jie Jie. He's a little cutie!

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Restoring Stonehenge

When you see Stonehenge, you feel transported back in time, as if you are seeing with ancient eyes. Unbeknowest to the tourists who flock the site, Stonehenge has seen some restoration over the years to keep it from falling into total ruin.

Honestly, do you think that all tourists are respectful of the sites they visit?

The picture on the right is from 1901 and shows some work being done on the site.

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In case you ever wondered...

What if you fell into a tube through the earth?

Fun with Maps

The Piri Reis Map was discovered in 1929. The map was complied by Piri Reis, a Turkish admirial, in 1513 on gazelle skin. The map accurately depicts the coast line of Antartica without the ice cap. As the map could not actually have been drawn at the time with the coast line depicted, the map endures as a modern mystery. Piri Reis actually left a few things written about the map, telling us that he worked off of several surveying accounts given to him without ever actually seeing the coast line himself.

Here's some links:
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Altered Books

One of my many, many, hobbies is altering books. The idea behind an altered book is to turn a normal old book into a piece of art. You can also turn them into albums, scrapbooks, and journals. In this way, you can keep a book from becoming land fill.

There are many webpages and books that will tell you how to make an altered book.

The latest I'm working on is called 'The Haunted Life.'
The basic theme is haunted places I've visited and weird things I've seen made into a creepy scrapbook.

First, I took the book Secrets and Mysteries of the World by Sylvia Browne. I chose the book because it had excellent binding and good pictures to accent my altered book.

Second, I tore out pages to make room for the altered work being careful not to pull out any pictures I wanted.

Third, I added 'distressed' the pages using ink that ages the paper without adding acid. Acid in paper kills its ability to last longer than 30 or so years.

Fourth, I typed out the stories I wanted to include in the book with interesting fonts. After printing, I tore the paper to give it a soft edged look.

Fifth, I arranged the stories with their corresponding pictures and began gluing them into the book.

I'm still on the fifth step: I've got a lot of stuff to add, including a picture of Echo the cat!

When I'm finished, I'll add embellishments and creepy pictures from the Mutter Museum.

Then I'll work on the next book... What ever that will be about...


Grocery Store Deception

Having worked in the deli of a moderately sized independant grocer, none of this comes as a shock, but if you've never worked in a grocery store, here are the trade secrets.


Those Slippery Snakes

You know, we all have that fear of a snake coming up the pipes into the toilet we just happen to be sitting on. Or maybe just a few of us have that fear: check it out. God, I love tabloids!

Of course, snakes just appearing in strange places are causes for fear too.

And then we also find them in normal places too.


They Don't Have a Prayer

On the way to work this morning, my husband and I ran into some very nice Mormons who were very obviously in their first year of missionary work. After a pleasant conversation, they asked if they could meet us again at a not so hurried time to discuss the Church of Latter Day Saints. We said sure and invited them over.

Now, we were nice and explained that we were catholic and they my husband had been in the seminary before deciding that it wasn't the life for him. We didn't explain that my husband is an ecumenical scholar. Those poor kids don't have a prayer.

Did you know that the Mormons believe God is an alien that lived such a good life that the alien gods raised him to godhood and gave him earth? And did you know that they believe that if you are a good mormon male, you can be raised to the level of God and given a planet to watch over?


They showed up last night and had a run in with the roommie, Julie. Not good for them! She slammed the door in their faces.

So we waited this morning for them to show up when we asked them too and... no show. At first we thought that maybe Julie had scared them, or maybe they wrote down the wrong time. Nope. They just had previous plans on campus. Roaming gangs of Mormons are trying to persuade kids from the governor's school to become Mormon. Though I'm sure we will see them again soon, I thought it was pretty underhanded to show up at our door at an unappointed hour.

Did you know...

That they believe there wasn't a 'True' Christian Church since the time of the apostles until their founder 're-established' it?
That they believe the time inbetween had no 'real' Christians?
That they call this time the 'great apostacy' when no real christians existed and Christ wasn't with us?
That they use the King James Version of the Bible as the only true version, even though it was made in the time of the great apostacy and is translated from the mistake ridden Erasmus papers?

Man. You think they'd at least come up with their own new bible rather than being hypocritical and using someone else's bad copy.


They came back again! Again, at the unappointed hour. Really. These people just don't know how to follow directions. What part of 10:00am do they not understand?


Did you know that Mormons believe God actually had sex with Mary in order to conceive Christ?

Funkyard Couches

Here we have some couches with... something. You figure it out. I like the Super Couch.


World's Largest Scavenger Hunt

The University of Chicago has roused their students from hibernation to participate in the World's Largest Scavenger Hunt.

Going on right now, students have from May 11th to the 14th to find as many of the 302 items on the list as they can. Here's a list of some of the items:

A scrapbook of Scav Hunt through history, with pages showing Scav Hunt memorabilia from different historic eras. Clip a picture of an ancient Egyptian showcase item, a copy of a Viking roadtrip list, a Chinese mural showing Scav Olympics from the Song Dynasty, and more (bonus for memorabilia from Scav Hunt AD 3000). [for 23 points]

Rubik's cube for the blind without tactile diffrentiation of the sides. [for 33 points]

A Lego replication of an M.C. Escher drawing. [for 12 points]

An upside-down sand castle. [for 11 points]

Mold and eat your own head in gelatin. [for 8 points]

Complete baby dentures. Basic materials should be rescued from the Tooth Fairy. [for 32 points]

Reformat an original NES into an alarm clock. Must be able to set the alarm, hit snooze, and toggle between radio and ear-splitting buzzing by way of the controller. [for 15 points]

A ghost. [for 1 poOoOOooOoOoint]

Good luck to this year's participants!


The 'NEW' Wedding Thing

Getting married? Want something special for your wedding? Why not guns that shoot stuffed animals? Check out the picture on the site!