For All the Halloweenies Out There!

Pumpkin Carving!

Here are the amazing pumpkin carving stylings of Patrick Moser!

Here are the insane pumkins of Extreme Pumkins!

Check out Scott Cummin's Pumpkin Gutter!

For the intrepid pumpkin carver to be:
Pumpkin Carving 101
Pumpkin Masters and Spook Master Patterns
(when you want to look awesome without the practice)

And for those of you who want to carve without the mess:
Game Garage Pumpkin Carver
Primary Games Carve-a-Pumpkin
Toilette Humor's Pumpkin Carver

The Intimate Life of the Norwegian Squid?

Here's an interesting news article from the english version of Aftenposten.no.



I have a coworker who is a tupperware fiend. She traded me tupperware for my expertise in sewing. So I sent her a few, very cool tupperware links. Specifically, 'Translations in Tupperware' links.

Check these out:
Formal Gown
Another Formal Gown
Birds in Flight
Swing Set
Doing Laundry

These wonderful pictures are from snackblogs. Scroll down to see more tupperware goodness!


Evil Librarians

But also sexy librarians!

No, this doesn't actually have anything to do with libraries other than it mentions super sexy librarians.

Who are evil.

And know kung-fu.



Portals to Other Dimensions?

Interesting 'human interest' story from the Tuscan Weekly. They could find the place or verify the info, but the story was cool and here it is. Thanks to Paranormal News Magazine for the entertaining find.


One Post to Rule them All!

I saw too many things to post on today, so I am giving you a SUPER POST! Enjoy.

Abducted By Aliens? Call now for consultation!
That's right, people! You were abducted: now get your money's worth!

Fish Egg Miracle
Sounds like a Barnum fraud, but it was found by legit scientists.

World's Biggest Ghost Hunt
Of the Guiness Book of World Record kind.

Of course, Guiness is getting a lot of heck for their recent declaration of Stargate SG1 being the longest, consecutive running, sci-fi series. The MST3K people are in an uproar, but the true claim to fame should go to Dr. Who: with 30 years of consecutive running (not counting the radio show or the new series). Yeah. We geeks are angry.


Vista and Libraries

Wow. I need to post more often...

Anyway, Libraries beware! The Vista upgrade is coming (if the SirsiDynix one doesn't scare you already).

At my library, we've been concerned with funding issues and were relieved when Vista was put off a year, because it meant we didn't have to upgrade the computers right away. This, by itself, would save us a few million in tech costs.

But not for long.

Vista may cost us $3,000 - $5,000 a terminal and we have about 250 terminals in the building. All of which will need an upgrade or replacement to even run Vista. Our budget will go down the drain before we even get money from the State (which the state always ask for back in two to three 'one-time give backs' *snort*).

With elections coming up, this might not be problem for long... so long as Rendell is kicked out of office. He's been running the state into the ground at the expense of Philly, who got him into office. Rendell wanted to be the 'education govenor.' He ended up taking so much money from school and library budgets for cockameny schemes that he'll be known in Pa history as Philly's other fanatic.

But back to Vista.

We don't even know yet if SirsiDynix will even work with Vista. Sirsi Unicorn, in the latest upgrade, doesn't even work with our self-check out stations. Here we are, with brand new stations and no one can use them. Grrr...

To make matters worse, SirsiDynix runs on Java, which the tech department is loathe to even put on computers because so many video games run on Java as well. We have the same problem with Flash, and yet we can't do our job with it either.

Because, you know, it's really professional to run a beautiful website that no one can use because they aren't allowed to have something that programmers use for video games on their computers.

Look out Libraries. Vista may kill us.

me out.