Our special collections has a new exhibit on the various utopias humanity has created in literature, film, and art.

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Stupid People



Part of our building is under construction. It is a authorized personal only, hard hat area. So what should we find in the construction zone?

A student studying. That's right.

He seemed to think that because it was after five he could go into the construction zone.

You'd think that the many barriers he had to go through, at least five signs saying "Do Not Enter," and the fact that there was NO electricity (therefore: no lights) would have given him a clue that he was not to enter.



Totally Behind

So here's what's going on at my lib:

In-Service Day for branch libraries:
This lets the staff at other libraries visit the main hub for information sessions, classes, and general fun.

In between sessions, the Drones are entertained by the masses of librarians who can't find their way around our library.

One of them latched onto me yesterday just to get around.

Unlike the big In Service day over winter break, they don't put up enough signage for the summer one.