The Stacks

A short film about my library. Why am I not surprised that it's about someone getting freaked out?

Gorilla Marketing for Libraries

As a gamer, I find this ingenius!

Now if only we could get people to market the self-checkout so ferociously, they wouldn't have been such a waste of money.


Post-Vacation Post

I had a great time on vacation. I am, in fact, wearing the beautiful silk skirt that is my souvenir! ;)

I spent twelve hours on the road to get home from North Carolina and each hour was spent with an eye on the exits... specifically the ones from which you could see a book store or Wal-Mart. My father and I resisted... somehow. I was rewarded with a copy of the Deathly Hallows when I finished grocery shopping and, yes, I've finished it.

I'm not going to say anything about it other than it's brilliant!
And if you've resisted the 'Potter Craze' get over it and read it (Jimi).

I got back to work and found my email crammed. No surprise.
Only three of the emails applied to me. Again, no surprise.

I finished the first edit of the first part of our new Training the Trainer manual for our unit. It's not quite a first draft since it's only eleven pages.

While I was gone, a coworker who has been working while suffering a very aggressive cancer has finally retired. She's going to spend the rest of her days painting and traveling. I hope those days are more comfortable than the last ones here at work.


Vista and Libraries... Again.

Yet another reason for libraries to hold off, if not totally forego, Vista.

20+ Windows Features and Services that Harvest User Data for Microsoft

With Vista, how can we assure our patrons that their information is totally confidential?

We can't.

Besides compatibility of programs, library systems, and peripherals with Vista, we have to wonder how much patron and staff personal information will fall into Microsoft's greedy little hands to be "shared" (read: 'sold') with vendors. Libraries can no longer promise that an email address won't be collected by Microsoft and given to a third party along with a list of books associated with that email. Patrons will end up with email inboxes filled with junk based on books they have checked out.

That's a big invasion of privacy.