The Stuff of Legends...

We have this legend in the library, passed down through the years, that Earl has a chocolate fountain. No one actually believed him.

Until Today!

Here it is! The fabled chocolate fountain of yore, providing us with sweet, tooth-aching treats!

Earl whipped this out to say goodbye to Kelly. She is leaving Collection Maintenance for a new position in Library Learning Services! In other words, she's walking across the hall.


Protection for Living in the Wilds

Last night, I was forced to watch a trailer for this bit of paranoid delusion:

Now, this sort of thing is a prime example of why, when you live in the middle of no where, you should own, and more importantly, know how to use, firearms. Or have a dog named Courage.

I live in the Wilds of PA, but I have a much more effect defense against insane, murderous hobos:

College Students!

College students are the velociraptor of the modern age. Nothing goes near them and, like scavengers, they'll eat whatever happens to be laying out dead by the side of the road. This is caused by the near constant state of starvation they live in thanks to rising rent and tuition costs.

Who needs an electric fence when you have college students?


Library Assistant II

I am gradually sinking into my new position: semi-cubicle. Semi because I have the window seat, which reminds me that it is the window seat around 3pm when the sun hits me right in the eye.

I loves it!

My job duties in the new position so far:
  1. Build and Post E-Reserves (either as online links or as scanned documents)
  2. Determine whether or not something is fair use for copyright
  3. Scan documents
  4. Assist Andrew
It's a short list, but the only easy part is scanning the documents. We all use these sweet little Fujitsus.
I'm still trying to get over the fact that the same company that makes these scanners makes the self-checkouts we use at Giant.
No. I do not have too much time on my hands. ;)